Fun Filled Game Ideas For Indoor Kids Birthday Party

Game Ideas

What comes in one’s mind while planning for a birthday party is how to keep the kids entertained and give them a memorable experience. Cakes, decorations, presents, and delicious food may be in the spotlights, but games are what kids love the most.

For parents who are throwing their kid’s birthday party at home, it is a difficult task for them to come with ideas to keep the children hooked and make them content. Here are a few thrifty game ideas they can use which would require minimum resources. It is essential to organize the sequence of games in an interesting manner as the little ones can easily get distracted which makes it difficult to manage them.

Before getting to the game ideas, here are a few things to consider before planning the games.

It is better to focus on the average of all the kids so that no one gets bored and all the children are equally involved in the game.

  • Make sure the games are simple, short and sweet. This way, the children are up on their toes and do not get bored.
  • The games should not be gender specific. Plan in such a way that one cannot differentiate between what game should be played by what gender.
  • Restrict to games that are more fun oriented rather than ones that require a kid’s intellectual. A successful birthday party is when kids go home happy and fun-filled rather than feeling bad or sad.

Without further ado, here is the list of some of birthday party game ideas you can include.

Balloon Burst

Write simple and easy tasks or challenges on a piece of paper, put them in the helium birthday balloons and inflate them. You can buy helium balloons for a very reasonable price. The kids will have to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible until the music plays.

Once the music stops, the last person to touch the balloon will have to burst the balloon and perform the task written in the paper in the ballon. Continue the game until one is left and reward them with a nice prize.

Passing The Parcel

Have all the children sit in a circle and use a softball or a helium birthday balloon as the object they have to pass on. Play music, and once the music stops, the child with the object in hand has to do a fun activity or a simple challenge. Repeat the process until there is a winner.

Scavenger or Treasure Hunt

There isn’t a child who would not be up for a little treasure to find. Divide the entire lot into groups of 4 or 5.  Make a simple game with three or four clues to find. Map out the hunt and give it to the kids.

For them to reach the final treasure, you can have them identify a certain set of objects at the place of their clue. Or you can place clues at each stop that will lead them to the next one and so on. The first group to find the final treasure will be declared the winners.

Balloon Waddle Race

Have the kids stand in a line. If there are a considerable large number of kids, this game can be played in the relay style. Divide the kids into groups or 2, 3, or 4 depending on the total number of kids.

Make them stand at a distance of 50 meters or so. Place a helium balloon in between each child’s knees with which they will have to walk without bursting the balloon. The first group to finish the relay will be declared the winners. You can play music in the background to keep the kids motivated.

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