How To Boost Fertility Naturally?

Fertility issues are something that are faced by many couples when they are trying to get pregnant. While there are medical ways to attain fertility, there are also some natural ways that can help boost fertility in a couple. Here are some of the natural ways one can follow to boost their fertility and get pregnant faster in case they are experiencing some problems.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Taking an antioxidant supplement or eating antioxidant-rich foods regularly can improve fertility rates. Antioxidants can help especially men with infertility. You can visit a fertility center in Hyderabad to know the cause of your infertility and also know about the treatment options for the same.


Eat a Bigger Breakfast

Some studies suggest that consuming more calories at breakfast and less in the evening meal, dinner, can improve fertility to some extent.

Avoid Trans Fats

You should strictly avoid foods that are high in trans fat to boost fertility levels. You must eat foods that are rich in healthy fats instead, such as using extra virgin olive oil while cooking.

Cut Down on Carbs

Following a low-carb diet can improve hormone levels which are associated with fertility, especially among women who have the PCOS condition.    

Eat Less Refined Carbs

Eating foods that have high levels of refined carbs can raise insulin levels in the body, which in turn may increase the risk of infertility and make it difficult to get pregnant.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber is known to have beneficial effects on fertility. However, over-consumption of fiber may interfere with ovulation. Hence, it is best to have them in limited quantities.

Swap Protein Sources

Although meat contains more protein than vegetables, it might not always be needed. Eating more protein from vegetable sources, instead of their counterpart – animal sources may improve fertility levels in women.

Choose High-Fat Diary

Replacing low-fat dairy products with high-fat dairy foods may help boost fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Try Multivitamins

Taking multivitamin capsules may help in boosting fertility if you are not getting all the nutrients you need from your regular diet.

Get Active

An inactive lifestyle is linked to infertility, and exercise can greatly improve fertility. However, exercising too much may have the opposite effect. Hence, it is advisable to exercise in limit and also focus more one exercises that will help boost fertility.

Take Time to Relax

High stress and anxiety levels reduce the chances of conception. But managing your stress levels can increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Cut the Caffeine

Caffeine can have a negative effect on fertility. Women who are trying to get pregnant might want to limit their caffeine intake.

Achieve a Healthy Weight

Being underweight or overweight may reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

Increase Your Iron Intake

Taking iron supplements and non-heme iron from plant-based food sources can decrease the risk of ovulatory infertility.

Avoid Excess Alcohol

Excess intake of alcohol can reduce fertility. To increase your chances of getting pregnant, limit, or altogether avoid alcohol.

Avoid Unfermented Soy Products

Although not certain, it is suggested to reduce unfermented soy products if you are trying to get pregnant. You can check the cost of iui treatment in Chennai and get your fertility treatment done.

Natural Supplements

Some natural supplements might boost fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, most of the evidence is limited only to animal studies, and more research is needed. Hence, it is best to consult your doctor before buying these supplements and take their advice.

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