What are the Different Types of Home Health Care Services?


Getting medical help has become more accessible than ever. A person seeking medical treatment does not have to spend days altogether in the hospital for treatments as they can quickly get it done at their home.

Most senior citizens prefer staying home instead of spending their days in hospitals. In fact, they heal better and quicker while at home as they are in their preferred, familiar, and comfortable environment. With readily and easily available at-home services, they can be both independent at the same time be receiving the care and assistance that they need.

There are many home care services in Hyderabad that provide various types of treatments for those who require them. Besides, home nursing services in Hyderabad are far less expensive than treatments in hospitals at the same time, with the facility of one-to-one treatment as the caretaker will be dedicated only to one person.

With home health care services a booming industry now, almost all the types of services are now readily available and can be opted depending on the type of treatment required.

Types of Home Health Care Services in Hyderabad:

Doctor Care

At-home physician services are mainly for patients who require a higher level of medical care. A doctor pays regular visits to the patient and monitors their progress personally.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is one of the most opted-for home health care services. A registered nurse is allocated to the patient who receives direct instructions from the doctor. This type of caregiving is generally for patients who do not require regular doctor visits but do need professional care.

Nurses tend to all patient’s needs from wound dressing, intravenous (IV) therapy, pain management, ostomy care, and general monitoring of the patient. Check out the various home nursing services in Hyderabad that fits your budget.

Occupational, Physical Care and Speech Therapy

These services are for patients who need to regain control over their body and be able to perform day-to-day tasks. The service includes regular visits by the assigned physician to help the patient improve their health condition by performing activities depending upon their pace and improvement. These services mainly include physiotherapy, speech therapy which help them reduce their physical, verbal, emotional, and social disabilities.

Companionship Services


For people who live alone or spend most of the day alone at home for most of the day, companionship services are available. A trusted caregiver is assigned to a person based on their need to supervise and assist them with their interests. Additionally, they may also perform primary household duties which include cooking, preparing meals, and cleaning the house.

Social Services

Medical social services caseworkers are there to assist a patient by counseling them, providing them the extra care or resources needed, and other patient-welfare services. For patients who require extensive attention due to their medical condition and requires coordination of various medical services, social service workers are the go-to.


One of the most difficulties the elderly face is with transportation. Most cases, they are unable to transport themselves for their treatment or other necessities. For such requirements, there are dedicated transport services that pick and drop your loved ones safely to their preferred destinations.

Volunteer Care

Volunteers from community-oriented organizations are there to help provide basic services like helping our loved ones with their personal tasks, companionship, emotional support, transport, or even watch movies together.

Nutritional/ Dietary Supports

A patient’s diet depends on their age and health or medical condition. A designated dietician comes home and helps them take in the necessary nutrition.

Also, they monitor their food intakes to ensure progress and sufficient supply of minerals and nutrients required. Find out more about home health care services in Hyderabad and give your loved ones the best care that they need.

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